The price stays the same but you get less.

For many years now, a quarter doesn’t get you very far anymore.  You still can get a bag of chips for .25 cents but instead of being a full bag, you get half a bag.  The City has decided to get into this same price but less game when it comes the muni-meters in Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and parts of Manhattan (they get other increases too).  You still will pay .25 cents but instead of 20 minutes you get 15 minutes.   Read the FYI below.

Subject: District-Wide Meter Change Notification

Beginning January 3, 2011, meter rates will begin to be changed with an estimated completion date of June 30th, 2011.  Rates will change as follows:


  • Where passenger and commercial parking rates at muni-meters in Manhattan south of 86th St. are $2.50 per hour they will increase to $3 per hour.


  • Where passenger parking rates at other metered locations, citywide, are $.25 for 20 minutes they will increase to $.25 for 15 minutes.


Joseph Palmieri

Brooklyn Borough Commissioner

NYC Department of Transportation


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