NY Post meets Monserrate church take 2

The snow has stopped but the stories of Montserrat Church have only just begun…

NY post wrote a story about a week ago , Yesterday it went for a second try at it. This time around they got financial numbers that are being questioned.


Student Strike At University of Puerto Rico, Democracy NOW! has video, NCPRR responds.

National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights (NCPRR) sent out a press release saying,

“the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights (NCPRR) received notice of the unrelenting strike on the campuses of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), which continues to pose threats to the safety, academic pursuits and right to free speech for thousands of students on the Island. The NCPRR is a longstanding civil rights group that addresses racial equality, environmental justice and economic parity of Puerto Ricans in the United States. Within this agenda, the NCPRR is committed to holding elected and appointed government officials accountable when their actions infringe upon the rights of others. ”

to read the NCPRR entire release click here.

Parishoners Rally, El Diario, Patch, News 12 Brooklyn first to respond.

Montserrat parishioners held a rally recently and if you been reading our blog you have seen the press advisory, press release, and even a flyer the Montserrat leaders sent us via email. Now take a moment to read and view a video on the issue.

El Diario stays in on the action click here for an English Translation of the article.

Bed-Stuy Patch an AOL owned local news blog sent Chris O’Shea (no relation to Father Jim O’Shea) to write a story on it as well. Click here to read.

News 12 did something actually on November 15, 2010 before the rally, to view it click here.

Monserrate Leaders send out press release about tonight’s procession.

This came in our email box around noon today, I guess Montserrat leaders want you to have some meat with you lunch today, sorry vegans.

Hundreds of Montserrat Parishioners, Friends, & Supporters Will Have A Religious Procession To Bishop DiMarzio’s Home To Seek Dialogue Over Montserrat Church Closing


Brooklyn, NY – This Monday December 20th, 2010 hundreds of Our Lady of Montserrat Roman Catholic Church parishioners, friends, and supporters will have a religious procession to Bishop DiMarzio home. The procession will start at Montserrat Church 134 Vernon Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206 at 6pm and end at Bishop’s Dimarzio home at 245 Clinton Avenue Brooklyn NY. Bishop DiMarzio is the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Brooklyn and Queens diocese. The flock seeks dialogue about the Bishop’s decision to close the Church by January 31st, 2011. The New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, El Diario and the Brooklyn paper all recently wrote articles bringing up the possible political reasons for the closure not the statement given by the Diocese.

Juan Ramos a parishioner of Montserrat Church said,

“We have learned that to be heard we must always work harder. Our work is honest and we want a dialogue, we want to be heard as members of the church.”

At a recent Montserrate Church meeting held late last week

Anita Dunbar a parishioner of Montserrat Church who attended the meeting said,

“The Bishop walks in at the last 10 minutes of a meeting of a hand picked audience and dropped a document of the finances of the church on the table and said no matter what you do or say this Church is closing, I will not change my mind! This is our bishop, I thought were suppose to believe in miracles, things like immaculate conception, that with faith become true. Yet, he can’t accept a simple request to sit down with the members of the Church and have a dialogue , that’s impossible? “

Hundreds of people will gather in prayer in front of Montserrat before embarking in their quest to the home of Bishop DiMarizo in Clinton Hill Brooklyn.