Affordable Apartments in Bushwick: Deadline Dec. 6th, 2010

Now, this is the second Bushwick Site offering up 46 affordable apartments.  This has a deadline for December 6th, 2010 so again act fast.  Make sure you follow the instructions correctly and good luck!  To  download the pdf version yourself just click here.



The New York Times weights in on Church Closings

Paul Vitello has an interesting piece today making a connection to Vito Lopez and the Catholic Church.

“The announcement also stirred the pot of recent political tensions between the Brooklyn Democratic Party chairman, State Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, and some people who have fought him, including two priests affected by the mergers and closings. ”

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Brooklyn Catholic Churches Slated For Closing on Januay 2011

Catholic Churches have been Scheduled to close.  A rep from the Brooklyn Diocese read a letter to the following  Churches dear to our hearts like Father Steve Lynch,  Saint Lucy/  Saint Patrick , Father Jim O’Shea  Montserrat Church and Father Powis St.Michael-St. Edward Church are slated for closure on January 2011 at yesterday’s Sunday Masses.

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