The New Domino Victory is Yours!

The New Domino is just one or two formalities to become a done deal. We know this is just the
beginning of a long process and we will be there every step of the way for next 10+ years.

But first!

At Churches United For Fair Housing (CUFFH) we feel it’s important to remember the past and the years we spent making The New Domino project a project we could believe in. But above all we want to Thank our members for everything they did. We didn’t get a symbolic comprise like others, we got everything our community ever asked for. So….

Thank You for:

Attending the endless meeting,

Not sending my emails to spam,

Getting the nerve to speak,

Keeping the faith on bad days,

Signing petitions,

Not texting when our leaders or I were making announcements at your Church

Calling Council Members,

Leaving work early,

Leaving work late

Not going to work at all,

The list goes on and on…..

We all make sacrifices for the things we believe in and rarely see the fruits of our labor, now we get the chance.

Thank you.

Rob Solano

Executive Director

Churches United For Fair Housing

Stay up to speed with the Latest News at:

CUFFH’S Domino Info Phone Line


CUFFH’S Domino Fan Page:

CUFFH’s News Site:

CUFFH’s Website:


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