The New Domino Get’s Approved and Affordable Housing Prevails!

This afternoon the City Council Land Use Committee Unanimously voted to approve The New Domino Project with minor changes.

All the Major stuff that local church groups and not for profits have been fighting for stays in tack.

The interesting story is Vito Lopez and Steve Levin attempt to spin a victory with claiming union jobs and a few stories off the top.  The real winners  are community leaders, church groups, not for profits and Council Member Diana Reyna for standing together on the 660 units of affordable housing, the open space and job training.

Read the Press Release below sent by Council Member Diana Reyna.


Council Member Diana Reyna applauds Creation of Affordable Housing, Jobs and Open Space on Williamsburg Waterfront

New Domino to create 660 affordable units, hundreds of jobs and 4 acres of open space

BROOKLYN, NY- June 29, 2010 – Today’s action by New York City Council is an important step in an inclusive journey, which started after the Greenpoint/Williamsburg rezoning of 2005, for residents and the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC).  The community, in need of balance, wanted affordable housing, jobs, and open space; CPC responded with the New Domino project. Their process has been an example of inclusiveness – five years of dialogue with residents, community leaders, and elected officials.

“The New Domino development is a true reflection of a collaborative process with community,” said Council Member Diana Reyna. “I praise the hard work from CPC as well as community leaders, who have clocked countless hours throughout five years of deliberation.  Under Speaker Quinn’s leadership, the New York City Council has been instrumental in ensuring the high levels of affordable housing and vast public space, while preserving the integrity of the design and viability of the project.”

The New Domino development is a unique model, offering varying levels of affordability, senior housing and home ownership opportunities. An unprecedented 100 of the 660 affordable rentals will be set aside for families with incomes under $23,000. Also, CPC committed to 4 acres of waterfront public access open space, which is more than double required elsewhere.

“The true winners of this campaign are the families who will be receiving affordable housing, they wanted 660 and they got 660, this is victory for them, brokered not by one person but an entire community standing united,”  added Rob Solano, Executive Director of Churches United For Fair Housing.

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