Broadway Triangle Moves forward

Breaking News and CUFFH News is first to have it!

Judges Rules in the favor of the BTCC’s Motion on Discovery :

Here are words from Shekar Krishnan, Coalition’s Attorney on the decision of discovery:

Ten minutes ago, we got a decision from Judge Goodman on discovery.
It’s the right decision and a very good one.

The Court ordered the City to produce all the data we asked for or
provide sworn affidavits, including from HPD employees, saying that
the information was not available.

The Judge also pointed out that it’s very ironic that the City reached
out to DHCR
but hasn’t reached out to NYCHA, even though the Mayor (a defendant)
appoints the chair and board members of NYCHA and the City subsidizes
NYCHA. Those were arguments we made at the hearing and in our papers.

The Judge also said that the issue is not just what documents the City
may have themselves, but what documents they also may have access to.
And the Judge also added that the purpose of the City having archives is to
store information for a later date.

The Court also noted that the Schaeffer Landing data may actually
support our position
because it shows that whites have more 3 and 4 bedroom apartments than
blacks and latinos.

Finally, the Court did not set a date for the next hearing – Judge Goodman said
that after the City shows it followed the Court’s orders, by providing
the documents or providing affidavits, then only will a hearing date
be scheduled.

This is a very good and just decision. We as a Coalition are extremely
satisfied with it.
Click on Link below to view the Judge’s decision.



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