Live Blogging- Broadway Triangle Hearing

Looks like I’m on a few minutes delay just keep hittting refresh every couple of minutes and scroll down

10:12 am

Ok the hearing is getting started everyone is in place judge Emily Goodman , the BTCC’s and City’s lawyers are here


Judge Emily is clearing up the motions


Shekar “Omar Little” will be leading the way.


City request a few minutes on the side with something that has nothing to do with the broadway triangle case.


The Court is Still discussing the other stuff that’s not the Broadway Triangle. In private.


Just mumbles from everyone. Not sure what’s going on. But no action as of yet on the Broadway Triangle.


Still waiting…..stay tune this feels like the perfect storm..


Ohh the steno person has arrived now I know what the wait was…


Looks Like their almost ready


Your honor confirms that the City requested a recorder


Shekar Omar is on: says hello and jokes to the interns who sit in the jury box and says , welcome members of the jury

Shekar argues
That the defendents are the city and the mayor and not just the city


Your honor clarifies you need the bedroom breakdown of the entire city

10:36 am

The 3rd set of data that Shekar request is the breakdown of cb1 and cb3 and all of NYC. The city has said in the past that it does not have that data


Shekar continues that the city has said that the information is not needed for this case, but BTCC claim that they are

In additions, what kind of agreements were enter between RBSCC and UJO

what type of affordable housing has been built , and marketing has been done by the two organization


Shekar continues , we need this information to display what is the need of affordable housing, especially the NYCHA information , the City says they have nothing to do with NYCHA, however the mayor who represent the City,

Shekar continues,
Your Honor, please Grant the motion to obtain all these infomation.

Now the City’s turn

The City is cleared that NYCHA has nothing to do with the city

City: NYCHA is not a proxy for the rest of the City.

City: used Shaffer landing as a model of why broadway triangle is correct

City: marketing plans are all the same.

CIty: regulatory agreements are not possible to obtain.

There are no secrets that will be found and that are public documents.

HPD will not give up this information.

Regulatory agreements are not active are filled

CB3 or rather CD 3
The city clams that CD3 has no claim to the broadway triangle.

And that the Urban renewal Area that is shared by cd3 has no claim on the properties.

10:51 am

Your honor says you site ami’s , the city says that Ami are not important to this case.


So the city brings up that the bedroom size are not important and that after they funded by the city but are not monitored.

Your honor , says 50 perecent are set aside.

Back on the Broadway Triangle.

The city says their are no inside deal.

33,000 application for 139
Shaffer landing

15,000 application 101
Palmer’s Dock

Your honor: How do people know about this?

Your honor: And who choses the local paper

Your honor: So UJO are likely to put it in a hatian paper?

City agree’s.

who monitors the process? The City

Back to shaffer landing

Your honor: lets’s discuss the breakdown of shaffer apartments

The city is claiming that white people are taking over these big apartments. But Latinos claim there latino.

And the judge said , that’s sad.

Back to NYCHA- city says this is not important.

city is wrapping up.

Your honor aka the Judge looks like she’s dieing to talk.


The city says the delay is killing the chance of making this whole
Case of making mute.

The City says I don’t have it.

Your honor: to the city, why can’t you ask NYCHA? You ask DCHR? why not ask NYCHA.

Ok back to Shekar


Bond- we reject the bond

The city is not losing money

The city is not being hurt in anyway.

Let’s get the information.

The City says that we should get it

Back to shaffer- community preference that shaffer , is that this cb1 preference

Nobody are experts-

Ads are placed- but where are they being placed?

11:13am wait list

Shekar continues:…

The City explains that there is no waiting list. NYCHA is important because our case is based on the need for Housing. The Mayor had better relationship with the mayor

The city can’t have it both way

The judge says what have you done?

Yes we gone to the census and all the wesbsite is all about what is happening now.

But we need waiting list.


We check none have 3 to 4 bedroom.

The judge says 90 percent of NYCHA

citywide source is the fiscal year projection

93 percent undecase 2009 went into 2010 second circuit.


Let me ask you all something

This community has been in combat ..

Is there any indications of resolving , the sticking point, is the 4 bedrooms ?

My question is their any interest?

The city is saying maybe or maybe not.

Shekar, explains it’s about the fundmentals maybe we want this done correctly.

Judge says do you want this done?

Ok judge says this is everything , my dicovery information will have another date .

Judge says I will get you something when I get you something ,

The city says when?

The judge says when I’ll get back to you when you get back to me on a resolve meeting ..

Ok folks that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and I’m sorry for all the spelling errors.


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